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Style: Soul, Broken Beat, Jazz, Hip Hop, Electro

Live Act / DJ

D’Monk, pronounced “duhmunk”, is an instrumentalist, producer and selector from London & based in Berlin. His music emanates the raw and the soulful — representing an eclectic collage of his influences — and heavy vibrations are to be expected from him; whether in the form of his songs, being performed live or hearing him spin records

Collectively, between D’Monk, Ken Okuda & Orlando Rosé, they form the new night, label and musical community in Berlin — Shush — which is beginning to spark a little buzz around the city due to the particular focus on musical diversity, eclecticism & good sound; something, as residents of the city, they have found lacking amongst the stagnating ‘umm-tss-umm-tss’ sonic landscape.

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